Written by an animal protection lawyer, this book delves into how the law treats dogs, not only within the context of their role as companions but in everything from pet trusts to dog fighting. Readers can access accurate and invaluable information on how the law treats dogs and gain knowledge of their rights and protections as a dog owner.

From a city’s leash law to a federal ban on products that contain dog fur, the laws are expansive and are found at every level of government. The book is divided into sections in order to make it easy to find specific topics for people to deal and familiarize themselves with any legal issue pertaining to their dog.

Topics include:

  • Dogs as property (pet custody, strays, etc.)
  • Your rights when buying a dog from a breeder or getting one from a shelter
  • Your rights pertaining to your house and your dog (condominium, house, apartment, neighbors, etc.)
  • Negligence from groomers, boarders, veterinarians, and others
  • How to handle a dog bite, dog deemed “dangerous,” or animal cruelty
  • And much more.

The American Bar Association Legal Guide for Dog Owners